Caddis and Kickstarters

This past year some friends and I raised funds to make a new record through the crowd-source favorite, Kickstarter.  One of the prizes for select backers was a guided fishing trip with myself (amateur) and a local guide (professional).  I didn’t expect folks in other states to choose that prize, but a couple did.

We finally got Alan out to the high desert from his home in Chicago to hit the river.  Alan did quite well, given it was his first visit to northern NV.  Enough fish to keep the day interesting anyway.

Chicago gettin’ bent. 

Fly that flag.

The river was kind to this first timer.
Off ya go. 

Claw in blue.

Caddis in green.

Biggest of the day.

Personal favorite.
Entertaining out of town guys is great because you can properly set their expectations, let them experience the beauty and challenge of the local water, and know you won’t find them in your favorite hole next week.  Caddis in green and rust, small stones, and copper johns are moving fish.  Grab a few and get outside.

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