Why I Fish

Fishing on the Truckee is always fruitful and restful time for me. It’s one of the only times I feel like my A.D.D. ramps down, along with my stress and internal chaos. It’s time I can have conversation with God, and get my heart rate up.  Fall is a great time to be on the river

Thanks to the generosity of my Dad and a good friend, Jan Nemec, I’m on my way to being a productive fisherman with the fly-rod. Catch and release of course. Get out there and catch something!

This was my phone background for over a year.  Shot on the stretch below my house.

 First fish on the fly-rod.  An important milestone.

Oliver just before his 2nd birthday (October 2011).  Loves river adventures with Dad.

Nice bow I caught while being harassed by a homeless man’s dog.  True story.

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