Was Jesus Green?

Before I dive in to my report, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the fact that it is Earth Day.  I know scientists are getting better and better at finding planets out there in the great beyond, but I am particularly fond of this one.  And while we may disagree on the primary reason why, my outdoor friends that subscribe to a faith and those that don’t can agree that taking care of the big blue ball we find ourselves on just makes sense.

I’ve never understood why many in the diverse and often poorly represented Christian camp push back on many environmental issues.  Yes, human life is paramount in creation, which is precisely why we should be first in line on taking care of the world around us.  Ignoring the biblical mandate to rule over creation justly and with wisdom is lazy.  I don’t care if you call it “creation care” or “stewardship over ownership”.  Pick up after yourself.  Support businesses that offer great products/services and think green.  Pay attention to what your political party’s darling is doing on stewarding your area resources.  I know environmental issues are complex and multi-faceted, but a simple launch point is to ask the question, “if everyone out here did the same thing I’m doing, would we be better off or in trouble?”

Anyway, John McConnell probably never dreamed things would be the way they are today, but here we are.  I’d love a world (and a local river) where the picture above is difficult to pull off, but today it is not. </rant>

Tried my new greys 10′ rod for the first time and love it.  Lots of bugs hatching as the waters warm a bit.  Got into the biggest “Sierra Bonefish” of my life (20″+ and battle scarred) and a healthy cutbow that made several big runs that got my feet scrambling through the muck on the banks.  Most fish took a micro-may, San Juan, or prince nymph.

Soon it will be time to ditch the layers under the waders and mid-day outings will no longer be so generous.  Bring a bag for trash you stumble on and see you out there.

4 thoughts on “Was Jesus Green?

  1. Great point! Didn’t Jesus mention making new the heavens and the earth? Perhaps his way of saying stop the pollution (heavens) and trashing of our home mother earth. This may have been a primary reason for jesus ministry. Pick up your trash and clean up after yourself people!

  2. Found you blog from your NAFFF rainbow photos. Great fish and good word on a Christian’s stewardship of the earth. Francis Schaeffer’s Pollution and the Death of Man is the best book I’ve read on the subject.

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