Top 10 F.A.Q. – Part 1

I routinely get asked the same questions about fly-fishing.  The questions are perfectly understandable given that the vast majority of people I encounter in life are not of the fishing variety…they do not share my desire to get waist deep and provoke our local watery predators.  I’m going to do a few posts on these inquiries…here are the first two:

Question #1:  Do you catch the same fish over and over again?

Answer:  No.  The average freestone stream in the west has 5,000 fish per mile.  The Truckee is around 1,000 per mile.  Even with smaller population numbers, fish move a lot and it’s generally bad etiquette to pound the same area repeatedly.  I have on rare occasion hooked and lost a large fish to return a week later and renegotiate.

Question #2:  Who takes pictures of you holding fish when you are by yourself?

Answer:  There are a variety of products and options available to pull off a proper “selfie“.  My preferred method, “nature’s tripod”, is pictured below.

A few shots from the last few weeks.  Haven’t been out much, but did find a few browns including one that was feeding in a bucket only twice as long as he was (23″ and change).  Water temps have dropped big time.  Bigger flies are getting less attention and smaller flies are taking the stage.  Crays, baetis, and midges are getting attention…particularly good cray patterns in fast water, and midges under foam lines.

Part 2 coming soon…

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