Spring Swing

Executive summary:  I’m trying new tactics in new water and it’s working.  I’m not as frustrated with spring as I once was.  March browns, BWO’s and the most gargantuan carpenter ants I have ever seen are on the water.  Micro-mays and San Juans are also moving fish. 
Full report:  Each of the four seasons present specific challenges locally.  A couple of weeks ago, I would have told you that I was the least confident in my tactics in the spring. Spring has looked so differently the last few years based on snow-pack.  It’s hard to nail down pages for the playbook when things are so inconsistent. 

I’ve found a little bit of a groove recently, which I realize sounds trite but I can forget easily that I’ve been at this fly fishing thing two years now and there’s a lot to learn.

Wrong place at the wrong time.

Defend the queen!  Nasty lil’ guys.

A project unfinished. 
Doug O. and I connected this week.  Two things you need to know about Doug, other than being a stand-up and knowledgeable guy:
#1.  He has superhuman vision on the river. I consider myself pretty adept at reading the water, but where I see runs, riffles, and boulders…Doug sees pebbles. 
#2.  He genuinely enjoys others catching fish as much as catching them himself. 
The bows this day were unreal.  Most of them took to the air and they would run downstream with a vengeance.  The action was so consistent, at one point I literally cramped up in my forearm rendering my right arm useless.  Hurt so good.
Tried to fly away three times.  Almost worked.
Put some butter on your breakfast toast.

20-25 fish days are rare, but a blast when they happen.

One handa pose and don’t forget the hat.  Doug doesn’t want you to forget the hat.

I’m about to revisit my favorite still-water location, so you’ll get a full update on that soon.  I don’t have the reps under my belt to understand that game yet, so we’ll see what happens.

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