Spring Has Sprung…and Slowed

River clarity and my fishing efforts took a dive about two weeks ago. I’ve heard theories all over the map from construction to the Verdi pump house.  At one point I actually stood midstream and watched the muddy-wash work its way towards me like a disease on the CDC map.

 Then 10 minutes later.  Literally.

I was in the pacific northwest for the last week on business so I was pleased to see that when I got back the river had straightened itself out a bit.  There are a few parks in town I never go to.  A variety of reasons really; overcrowded, constant pressure, car break-ins etc.  I broke that rule are tried Dorostkar this past weekend, but I should have listened to my gut.  Not only was the fishing slow, but someone’s car got busted into only minutes before I pulled in.

This little baby beaver (I believe it’s called a kit) watched me for a bit, then charged right at me like I had a bag of wooden treats in my pocket.  I was so confused by his tactics that I just froze and filmed the whole thing.

Baetis chaser with baby teeth.

Today I stocked up on midges and hare’s ears and headed down to the river for a little redemption from the streak of dismal outings the last couple weeks.  Started great.  3 hook-ups in 7 casts, including a very aerial brown.  About 10 minutes in, my feet got twisted and I ended up flooding my waders.  Awesome.  The drive home with my son was quiet.

If at first you don’t succeed, watch some epic fly fishing videos, get inspired and get waist deep again.

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