Mojo For The Win

My guide friend Jan always says that a fly properly chewed up will have more mojo than a fresh one out of the box. That turned out to be the ticket in conquering one of three runs in town that have owned me over and over. Caught several fish on this bead-head hares ear pictured below.

After seeing that the fly was pretty beat up, I sent it through the lane that has held several big fish in the past but always ended in heartache.  Sure enough, there was a heavy fish feeding there, and after a few escape tactics, snapped a pic and sent her on her way. Cheeks were unbelievable.

Heard that the BWO hatch is beginning out east and that in turn, it was a parking lot out there.  I’m not a fan of the shoulder to shoulder game. Tried to avoid that area and was glad I did.  Brennan Manning waxed eloquent in my earbuds, while I got settled in and started off the day with a personal best, a rainbow just over 23″ and so fat I couldn’t grab him.  Some serious teeth too.

Finished the day with a few big fish coming unbuttoned and a few others coming to the net, but all in all a great day out. I wonder if we’ll get anything else resembling winter between now and May?

I’ve got a shoot coming up out at Pyramid. Bookmark this blog and check back in for that.

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