Learning & Teaching

Convinced a long time friend and avid vegetarian to come try fly-fishing.  Gary did wonderful, and was a great sport.  Gary is interesting because he used to be a strip club bouncer, and has trained in jiujitsu for a long time…but he also has a real heart for animals.  Never was I so happy to practice catch and release.
Power stance.
Dad hired Gilligan for a half-day session.  He got us into some great fish.  Gilligan is a great guide, and I highly recommend him.  He’s direct but easy to be around, and pays attention to you to make sure you learn while you’re out.
Been reading through Ralph Cutter’s “Fish Food”.  Last night, read about Stoneflies dropping out of vegetation that hangs over the water.  Decided to put into practice my “research” and on the first cast, this hefty hen grabbed my stonefly.  Thanks Ralph.
Browns are such a blast to get into, even the lil guys.
Took a friend of mine that frequents Pyramid down to the Truckee.  He was skeptical, but in the first 5 casts he got a hold of this nice rainbow on a midge.  Gotta love the winter colors.
There’s many ways to spot a planter.  Worn fins and muted colors are dead give-aways.

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