It “Seams” Simple

In the words of the Fresh Prince, it’s summertime.  The heat and thunderstorms have had the river clarity all over the map.  When the ovaltine starts flowing, I find them along the banks.  I’m out for the trifecta: a good seam (conveyor belt of food), a decent size boulder or structure (shelter) and some fast water (oxygen).  If you find these three things in one slot, you will find a fish or two.  Foam lines always gets a few drifts.  As the temps come up, proper handling is even more important.  When the water hits around 68 degrees, I call it a day.

Bugs are out in big numbers in the mornings and evenings right now.


 Lorquin’s Admiral hanging out on the banks.

Cicada?  Robber fly?  Any guesses? (post a comment if you know)
Strong little bow smashed a tungsten-head 20″er stonefly.

Swim away chap.

Had a few recently take the “Ragdoll”.  A new stone pattern from Jan Nemec.

Light and dark.

This 18″ cutt-bow had 2 spots down his entire body.  Bizarre looking fish.

I’ve been taking a few friends out to show them why I love this thing called fly-fishing.  Cory got into a few planters and began to understand.  He also caught one with his bare hand against the bank.  NBD.  He was gifted a rod from his Dad too, so I think we’ll hit it again together.

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