Goodwin Ponds

One of my best friends is from a ranching family.  They have 17,000 acres in CA.  A conservation agency came through and built some ponds from the existing stream and stocked it.  With little to no pressure, the fish get huge and they are plenty.

No beasts were landed today, but we had a blast.  Sister-in-law was fair game for the trip out too, so she scored some major points.

We occasionally get to ride the ATVs in cutting the travel time down substantially.  Looks like an advertisement.

 Wash the thing off, before you snap a shot.  Geez.

 Taylor with a healthy bow.

 Taylor with a healthy baby bow.

A little brown.  Notice how spaced out the spots are compared to the Truckee.

 My sis-in-law Katie.  Did great and kept a good attitude.  Caught a few.  Played a prank on her where I pretended to lose my wedding ring in the calf-deep mud and sent her looking for it.  Hilarious.

She’s happily married gents, sorry.

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