30 casts.
15 bites.
10 hook-ups.
6 fish.
1 new personal best.


After losing one over 20″ moments before hooking this guy, I resolved to not just muscle the next one in. This new plan backfired. I ended up covering almost 250 yards in the stream (yes it was that far), after he refused to be steered or directed towards quieter water for netting.

Once I finally closed the distance, I realized that my friend had unclipped my net from my vest to assist me 20 minutes earlier. Translation:  I didn’t have my net on me.  I looked over my shoulder to see him sprinting towards me up the bank, giggling with my net in hand.

21″ of beautiful color.

Got skunked 3 times after this trip out, so rest assured that the Truckee keeps score.

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