Downtown Lunch

Got out last week for a lunchtime session in west Reno with a quality dude, Matt Gilligan Koles.  No monsters but plenty of action and some gorgeous fish.  Always amazes me how productive the river can be in town.  Gilligan makes his living showing guys how to get into the fish of their life, so it was enjoyable to cover a good stretch with a guy that spends a lot of days in the river with no rod in hand.

Two things of note:
#1.  Hooking a hefty rainbow in the same run Gilligan pounded for 10 minutes is not the same as landing hawgs all day e’ry day but it feels pretty damn good.

#2.  Under no circumstances should you ever grab the leader of another man’s line.  Never.  As in, not ever.  Not even when that man is a guide you respect and has a fish on that charges you in the river and wraps around your legs…on a Tuesday.  Ya know, hypothetically speaking.

Yes, he still landed the fish. 

The heat wave is here so dust off your summer tactics.  Big heavy stones and caddis pupae have been getting it done this past week.  Lost a couple more beasts on the run.  Not sure at what point I am no longer paying my dues and just paying my respects.

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