Crisp and Clear

Spawn has been underway for a couple of weeks now.  That said, there are still browns unengaged in the festivities.  You can tell everyone on the interwebs that you’re targeting rainbows, but let’s be real…if you’re like me and aren’t sight fishing it’s a difficult task.  You’re not in a hot panic at the sight of butter out there on the river so don’t act like it online.  Handle with care, release quickly, keep your boots and your flies off the redds and shuffle on.  As many have said, targeting a brown is not sporty or helpful.

Hooked this brown below that took my favorite big bow fly, a 20″er stonefly and was quickly returned to the same slot I hooked her in, to ensure that if she was speed dating, they could resume doing what browns do in the fall.

Micro-mayfly FTW.

Find the brown heading back to her favorite water.
Blue spot.

Huge mountain whitey (20″).

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