A Very Special Hatch

This is truly a special time of year; the aluminum and glass hatches are upon us!

These aluminum and glass nymphs pictured below will soon emerge as adults, distinguished by their lazy appearance right on the surface, usually in clusters with other adults atop bright yellow flotation devices they inflate with a mix of carbon dioxide and Coors.  Remember, they have been busy preparing for this time.  They typically have about 20-40 pounds of extra girth around their mid-section, acquired from heavy alcohol consumption through the winter.  No known predators.  Amazingly, disoriented adults can wander as far as a mile away from the river, commonly carrying their flotation devices with them.

Important:  if you hear any of the following signature calls:

1.  improper use of profanity, wrong verb tenses (ex: “Ouch, my ass are hurt! What the shit, man!“)
2.  asking where Carl is

3.  a punchline to a joke repeated 3 or more times at 120 dB 

…than you can be sure aluminum or glass adults are close by.  Be warned, as they aren’t particularly good swimmers and can’t be expected to change course, even if they spot you 100+ yards upstream.  This hatch runs strong from now until fall, when temperatures drop below where they are comfortable exposing sloppy tattoos.  Take comfort in knowing your view of them topside is probably better than what the fish see all summer.

Here’s to Carl getting home safe.  Like local guide Arlo says, bring a bag and snag what you can.

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